Image credit to: @tobehonestnl

We at Clear the Ocean are reaching out to acknowledge and address the death of George Floyd and the ongoing discrimination and injustices happening in our communities around the world. This week, we turned off our social media so we could better listen to the black community, educate ourselves on the BlackLivesMatter movement, and show our solidarity and support. We denounce the unacceptable violence and oppression that impacts the black community, and we look forward to continuing to drive positive change. We know we have a long way to go to eradicate discrimination and to create a truly diverse and inclusive society, but we believe this can be the moment when history changes course.

When we started Clear the Ocean at the end of 2018, our goal and mission was strong from the start. We were tired of being witness to the negative impact our world was having on its natural resources and landscapes, and we understood that change happens only when action is taken. It wasn’t enough to be sad when looking at pictures of suffering sea life, or to say that we were against this kind of pollution. We had to actively fight for change. We had to educate ourselves and transform how we lived our lives, and we had to work hard to influence others to join our cause.

 We are committed to taking the same approach here. We will NOT be bystanders. We will listen, educate ourselves, protest, vote for better policies, speak up, and we will take action for change because BlackLivesMatter.