Sustainable Tips

Sustainable Tip #1: Don't leave home without your reusable bags

Always keeping reusable bags in your car, handbag or backpack. Refusing needless plastic or paper bags becomes really easy.

You'd never leave home without your phone, keys, money and a mask - add a reusable bag to the list.


Sustainable Tip #2: Bring it, or Stay!

Does everything always have to be to go?

When getting your coffee on your break from work, does it always have to be to go? Can you enjoy people watching while using a real mug? Or can you bring are reusable mug?


Sustainable Tip #3: Laundry and Dishwashing overnight

When the electrical grid is running high, fossil fuels are burned to keep up with demand.

What that means is running your dishwasher and laundry machines over night will result in a more environmentally friendly electrical grid.


Sustainable Tip #4: Invest in higher quality, longer lasting clothing

We are living in a world where fashion is fast fashion!

However, investing in items of higher quality that will last you a long time will save you money and will insure that fabrics and dyes used in fashion are used less.


Sustainable Tip #5: Let the dishwasher was your dishes

Did you know that washing your dishes by hand will use more water than letting the dish washer do the work?

A dishwasher will use no more than 5 gallons of water, but often less. Our dishwashers will use the least amount of water necessary for getting our dishes clean based on water analysis during the load.


Sustainable Tip #6: Grow your own produce

Let it grow!

The benefits of growing your own is endless, but the main benefits are:

- Those fruits and veggies from your garden haven't had to travel - no carbon footprint

- They taste the best because they were picked at the right time. No ripening in travel

- So much pride in creating something amazing. 

If you haven't before, this year you need to try to start your own garden!