Why did we choose the products in It starts with Love box

It starts with Love 

Taking care of the environment starts with taking care of yourself. You are a part of the world you live in; an extension of it. And it all starts with love, respect and appreciation.  

This box take our passion for the environment and tie it to some much-needed self-care practice. And as we care for ourselves, let’s ensure we care for the environment by using environmentally friendly products free of plastic packaging.

Take a moment to read through the product descriptions for our It Starts with Love Box. 

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When was the last time you checked the ingredients listed on your soaps, candles or bath products? Try it now. Can you read and understand the labels?

Mass markets use inexpensive, chemically enhance ingredients. It is difficult for us as consumers to understand what we are using because the INCI names are so obscure. This is often because the so-called ingredients listed are actually the names of chemical reactions, rather than the base ingredient itself. If you don’t know the base ingredient, how can you be sure it is friendly for you, and friendly for the planet? You can’t.  

Natural products won’t hide behind chemical reactions. You’ll find a short list of ingredients you recognize.

In the Box…


Our handmade soaps use simple ingredients already familiar to your daily life. They are made by mixing oils (olive, castor, and avocado) with Sodium Hydroxide.

WATCH OUT! Big brands often use synthetic oils to create soap. These soaps are typically petroleum or palm oil based, and the farming practices used to obtain them create millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, destroy the habitats of already endangered species, and have been known to involve worker exploitation and child labor. Yikes!


Our homemade candles are made from natural wax (from sustainable sources) and essential oils.

WATCH OUT! Many mass market candles use paraffin wax. This wax is derived from petroleum or coal. When these candles are burned, they create benzene and toluene; both are known carcinogens and considered dangerous to inhale. Paraffin-based candles may also be combined with a natural wax, so it is important to read the ingredients label to confirm what you are buying. In addition, when the ingredients include the term Fragrance (Perfum) it indicates that the scent attached to that candle is chemical based.


Bath salts are designed to help you relax through soothing scents and salts designed to help with sore muscles. This product touches every single part of your body!

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