KLIIN ROLL - reusable towel roll
KLIIN ROLL - reusable towel roll

KLIIN ROLL - reusable towel roll

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Clear the Ocean with a KLIIN ROLL

100% of profits will go to organizations actively clearing the ocean

KLIIN is revolutionizing household cleaning. Say goodbye to conventional paper towels! Made from 100% natural fibres, KLIIN is eco-friendly. It can absorb up to 15 times its weight in water in stylish fashion.

KLIIN is a functional compact, machine-washable cleaning cloth that is, soft, super absorbent and compostable.

KLIIN can be used for any household mess. 

These amazing towels are made up of 100% natural fibres and can be machine washed 300 times. They can absorb 15 times its weight in liquids. Best part, when they are used up, they will full compost in 28 days.

These towels are the same size as tradition paper towels and come in 2 great colour options: Lemon print or Yellow. Hidden gem in the yellow option... there are 6 towels rather then 5 for the same price.