Plastic Swear Jar Challenge Registration

Plastic Swear Jar Challenge Registration

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The Plastic Swear Jar Challenge is back and starting January 10th!

And this year you could win a $50 gift card to our website!

The rules are simple:
1. Register for the challenge on our website (click the link in the post or in our bio)
2. Tag your friends and family to join in on the challenge on our instagram page (1 entry for every person tagged)
3. Get a jar and decorate it. Share your jars with us by tagging us in your story or a post
4. For 1 week every time someone in the family uses plastic, put a predetermined amount of money in the Jar or use IOUs
5. At the end of the Plastic Swear Jar challenge, donate the money to a foundation saving our oceans. 

Can’t wait to see your Jars!!!!