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Plastic Swear Jar Challenge

Plastic Swear Jar Challenge

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Welcome to the CTO Plastic Swear Jar Challenge Registration

Here are the rules:

Step 1: Register for the CTO Plastic Swear Jar Challenge

Step 2: Decorate a jar for the family

Step 3: Share a picture on social media of your jar, tag @clear_the_ocean and use #Swearfortheocean, and nominate 1 or as many people as you'd like to join the challenge

Step 4: Put in a decided amount of money or IOUs into the jar every time you use single use plastic.

Step 5: At the end of the challenge donate your money to charities that are saving our oceans or our environment. We recommend The Ocean Cleanup or the David Suzuki Foundation

In exchange for your $5 Registration fee, you'll receive a $5 gift card to our store