Donating 100% of our profits to foundations actively Clearing the Ocean of plastic

Produce Bags
Produce Bags
Produce Bags
Produce Bags
Produce Bags

Produce Bags

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Clear the Ocean with our Produce Bags

100% of profits will go to organizations actively clearing the ocean.

Never need a plastic bag at the grocery store again! These high quality produce bags made in Canada, have been designed for fruits and vegetables and many other bulk foods.

Available in:

  • Medium 10'x12'
  • Large 12'x13.5'

Here are some other ways you can use your produce bags:

  • Store bulbs and tubers
  • Fill with hiking snacks
  • Pack lunches
  • Stash kids toys
  • Protect out of season clothes
  • Store travel toiletries
  • Organize lingerie in luggage
  • Separated clean / dirty clothes in a gym tote

Easily wash by throwing the bags into your machine.